What is adalocado?

Adalocado is a community where Adalo makers come together. Learning on your own can feel overwhelming and it’s easy to give up when you get stuck and can’t find the answer to your problem. When you join the adalocado community, you’ll be joining a group where you can ask questions and learn more about building apps in Adalo! The community itself lives in Discord, which is a popular platform available online or via native desktop/mobile apps.

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What is Adalo?

Adalo is a no-code app builder. After trying similar tools in the space, Adalo stands out for its ease-of-use, native app capability, and growing ecosystem of third-party components. There is a free tier available to try things out and we’ll get some credit if you sign up using this link:

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Who runs adalocado?

Hello! I’m Parker Thompson from Denton, Texas. I’ve been using Adalo since its launch in 2019 and I’ve built several apps for myself and for clients. When Adalo started their Expert partner program, I was one of the first Experts listed. (I’ve since had my profile hidden since I am not currently accepting new clients). If you’re still reading, I’d love to connect and chat! You can find me on Twitter @parkthomp